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Fibocom Showcased Latest Innovations in 5G AIoT at Electronica 2022

Fibocom has exhibited at Electronica 2022 from November 15th to 18th 2022, demonstrating embedded wireless communication modules, 5G AIoT solutions as well as wireless solutions for FWA, smart utility, IIoT and more.

Munich, Germany – November 18th,2022 - Fibocom Wireless Inc., a global leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, has presented its latest innovations in 5G AIoT at Electronica 2022 from November 15 to 18 at Booth 139 in Hall B5, Munich Trade Fair Center, Germany. Apart from leading-edge wireless communication modules, Fibocom has showcased high-performance connectivity solutions for verticals such as FWA, smart utilities, Industrial IoT (IIoT), etc.

Connectivity is the key to implement IoT infrastructure worldwide, scenarios that require broader bandwidth and lower latency can certainly benefit from advanced 5G technologies. With its first 5G module launched in 2019, Fibocom has more than 20+ 5G modules being deployed in100+ customer devices in the global market, and keep creating industry value through leading-edge wireless module solutions.

Utilizing5G FWA to Close the Urban-Rural Deviation

Wireless broadband service providers constantly face challenges in deploying robust and reliable broadband services in rural areas. Integrated with Fibocom 5G module FG360, Greenpacket outdoor CPE (ODU) O5M’s 2NR CA capability offers up to 4.67 Gbps data rate, it is also equipped with the best-in-class directional antenna, with a peak gain of up to13 dBi. This innovative design enables O5M’s radius coverage distance can be 2X further than the other outdoor CPE. With bridge mode and routing capability, the connected terminal equipment can be remotely managed to create a richvariety of 5G application scenarios for home and business sectors.

Aetina AN810-XNX, embedded with Fibocom 5G module FM160, is the world's leading platform for high-performance and energy-efficient AI computing. It leverages the 5G network for faster, seamless, and real-time connectivity, creating a new possibility for edge devices.

LTE and LPWA Technologies Bringing Convenience and Energy-saving to the Utility Sectors

Fibocom has also demonstrated empowerment in the smart utility field. The electric concentrator, embedded with Fibocom LTE module NL668, can receive, store, analyze and transmit the metering data via 4G network, helping to save resources and improve customer service. Water metering, coming with Fibocom NB-IoT module N510, enables continuous meter reading, immediate fault detection, and remote management.

Endrich IoT sensor network infrastructure, powered by Fibocom LTE Cat M module MA510, is able to collect data such as vibration, altitude, air pressure, ambient of lights, temperature, then send it to the cloud platform, achieving data visualization.

Fibocom’s leading-edge wireless module solution is high-efficient, reliable, and scalable for IoT connectivity in various scenarios. Deploying Fibocom high-speed 5G, 4G, smart module solutions, IoT implementers can easily connect any number of IoT devices seamlessly worldwide, further accelerating the digital transformation in industries.

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