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Fibocom Smart Module SC126-NA Received Certification from a Leading Carrier in North America

Fibocom proudly announced that its 4G smart module SC126-NA has received certification from a leading carrier in North America. SC126-NA is an LTE entry-level, high-performance IoT SoC module tailored for the AIoT market, receiving the certification has verified the capability of its operation in the local telecom operator’s network, further accelerating the deployment of AIoT applications in the regional market.

Shenzhen, China – November 9th 2023 – Fibocom (Stock code: 300638), a global leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, is proud to announce a pivotal achievement for its 4G smart module SC126-NA receiving the certification from one of the leading carriers in North America. Integrated with a quad-core processor and leveraged 11nm technology, SC126-NA is a high-performance smart module designed for the entry-level intelligent IoT market, now the module is fully capable of providing an integrated, seamless connectivity service to a wide range of AIoT terminals including smart wireless payment terminals, industrial handhelds, 4G PTT-over-cellular terminals by gaining the certification.

The global artificial intelligence IoT market is projected to reach high demand with the expansion of AI technology. As an essential in fostering the AIoT market growth, smart module empowers IoT devices with mobile computing capabilities, allowing real-time data processing and analysis, greatly reducing the decision-making timeline in critical scenarios for industry customers and improving overall efficiency. The validation of Fibocom's SC126-NA smart module can shorten the certification cycle of customers' terminal devices and ease the investment concerns for customers' IoT projects.

Notably, Fibocom SC126-NA is equipped with an open Android operating system with rich multimedia processing capabilities. It can be connected to an FHD (1920 x 1080 @30fps) touchscreen, supporting multi-channel camera input, plus H.265 / H.264 encoding and decoding capabilities and integrating with facial recognition algorithm. Packaged in LCC + LGA form factor, the module offers maximum flexibility for customers to develop terminal devices for various market demands. In addition, SC126-NA is capable of providing precise positioning and navigation with GNSS. Furthermore, with the scalability to support a rich set of interfaces including MIPI / USB / UART / SPI / I2C, etc, Fibocom SC126-NA is an ideal smart wireless solution for various applications that require the integration of cellular communication and multimedia features. With the expanding landscape of AIoT applications in the global market, Fibocom developed a series of regional versions of SC126 to support the frequency bands in Europe and APAC, as well as Wi-Fi only version to satisfy the booming market demands.

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