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5G SA Network Data Call Completion of Fibocom | Fibocom

Fibocom has completed the first data call under the 5G SA network of China Mobile. Our 5G modules accelerate scale deployment of 5G IoT applications.

Fibcom team has successfully established high- performance 5gsa module in the Chinese Market

5g SA or standalone 5G network is the ultimate 5G network that has the potential to transfer a huge amount of data within a few microseconds.

In the 5g SA network, the whole infrastructure of 5G, including base stations, backhaul links, and core networks, are all dedicated to 5G, making this network faster than ever before. There are several advantages of this network which are the main reasons why this network is facing a rapidly increasing demand in the market. The next-generation IoT devices require super-fast connectivity to work with efficiency and that's why this network is becoming the ultimate choice of production companies and developers to develop more complicated and high-performance IoT devices that are used in different sectors for assisting complicated work processes and making them easier.

Advantages of 5G SA network

There are several advantages of the 5g Standalone network. Some of them are mentioned below


Undoubtedly, the first advantage is its speed which is the highest in the recent market. In 5G technology, the data connectivity speed has significantly increased compared to the 4G technology, which has opened the door to thousands of new possibilities in the field of IoT devices as well as several other fields. This network takes only a few microseconds for data transactions among the devices. This performance excellence is the main reason why the demand for this network is increasing across the global market.


Not only speed, but the standalone 5g network offers a lag-free and low-ping connectivity that is required for developing smart IoT devices. It is not only about speed but also about the efficiency of data transmission. If the quality of data transmission is low and full of lags, we cannot consider that connectivity a high-performance network. This module offers a satisfying experience of data transactions without any errors, which is one of the most important advantages.

Opening new scopes

With excellent speed and amazing data transaction capabilities, the 5g SA network connection has opened the door to thousands of new opportunities in the field of IoT. By using this amazing high-speed network connection, developers are trying to develop more complex and beneficial devices such as self-driving vehicles, advanced healthcare etc, that can make human living even easier. As this is an efficient network connection, it can be used in a wide range of applications and enhance their quality. It is also a flexible network that can be upgradable if needed. It will allow manufacturers to establish fifth-generation mobile communication, including enhanced mobile broadband and machine-to-machine communication. It will also help operators to introduce massive IoT and ultra-low latency communications.

Successfully established 5g SA wireless modules by Fibcom

Being a leading name in the field of wireless communication across the globe, Fibcom aims to contribute to the development of next-generation connectivity and wireless mobile applications. In 2020, two professionally developed 5g SA modules: FM150 and FG150 have completed the first end-to-end data transmission services and data call under China Mobile’s Standalone 5G network structure. Our professional team members are highly knowledgeable and experienced in their field, and that's why we had complete faith in this project. We are proud to announce that the download rate exceeds 100Mbps with these modules. This network is based on the Qualcomm SDX55 platform (Snapdragon 5G modem) and also it is completely efficient to meet all the connectivity-related expectations and requirements. These modules can be used in developing smart-grid control machines, industrial automation, robotics, drone control and coordination, and much more. It is the perfect module to develop complex connectivity incorporated iot devices.

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Fibocom 5G IoT Wireless Module Completes the First Data Call under China Mobile’s 5G SA Network

Fibocom 5G modules FG150 and FM150 have completed the first data call and end-to-end data transmission services under China Mobile’s Standalone-Structured 5G network.

Shenzhen China – April 3rd 2020 - Fibocom (Stock Code: 300638), a leading provider of cellular embedded wireless module solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), is proud to announce that its 5G modules FG150 and FM150 have completed the first data call and end-to-end data transmission services under China Mobile’s Standalone-Structured 5G network. The download rate exceeds 100Mbps.

Fibocom FG150 and FM150 5G modules are the first 5G modules based on the Qualcomm SDX55 platform (Snapdragon 5G modem) to offer the data transmission services under the SA-structured 5G network in China. This is another major 5G module R&D milestone in the industry.

The three major operators in China announced in the first quarter of 2020 that, they intend to invest more than 180 billion RMB (25.5 billion US$) for 5G infrastructure construction this year, and in the process more than 550,000 new base stations will be built, mainly for SA investment.

Wireless modules are essential for communication between IoT terminals and the base stations. Fibocom completion of the first data call under the SA-structured 5G network is a significant step towards realization of all the three 5G features (eMBB, uRLLC, and mMTC) in industry IoT and helps accelerate the large-scale deployment of 5G industry applications.

Test Environment

Test Terminals

SA Registration

Test card: China Mobile's 5G SIM card. From the AT command interface on the left:

· With the 'AT + COPS?' Command,

· Received + cops: 0,0, 'CHINA MOBILE 5G', 11,

Explain that the registered network is SA mode (11 represents the SA mode). If it is an NSA mode, it will display 13. Through the network signaling process log on the right, the 5G module has been successfully registered on the 5G SA network (Registration Complete).

PDU Session Establishment Accept

Dial through the AT command interface on the left to request the establishment of a data connection, that is, PDU session.

It can be seen from the network signaling process log on the right that when the PDU session establishment accept is received from the network, data transmission and normal services can be performed on the IP address assigned by the network.

In the 5G SA communication process, the establishment of PDU session is a symbolic link for successful dialing!

IP Address

Fibocom FG150/FM150 5G Modules

Fibocom 5G IoT Wireless Module Completes the First Data Call under China Mobile’s 5G SA (Standalone

Fibocom 5G modules support both 5G SA and 5G NSA network architectures, accelerating scale deployment of the 5G IoT applications, such as 4K/8K video live broadcast, cloud office (ACPC), drone, robot, AR/VR, 5G virtual dress mirror, 5G cloud game, 5G digital signature, 5G wireless gateway, 5G CPE, 5G SD-WAN, smart grid, telemedicine, connected cars, intelligent transportation system, autonomous driving, smart home and smart cities, etc.

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