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What is 5G NR? Standard of 3GPP R16 and 5G | Fibocom

What is 5G NR? Standard of 3GPP R16 is met with the next generation 5G NR modules launched by Fibocom, a leading provider of IoT wireless module solutions.

Fibcom offers quality 5g modules that meet 5g nr standards 

It is important for every advanced module where 5G technology is used, to meet the 5G nr standard. Fibcom offers standard 5G modules for a better and more satisfying experience

Every company producing 5G network and connectivity modules, especially for mobile phones or IoT devices, always tries to meet the 5g nr standard. So, what is 5G nr standard? 

What is 5g nr standard?

5g new radio or 5G nr standard is a global standard for responsive and fast mobile broadband network connectivity. This standard indicates a fast and efficient mobile network technology, and also, this standard extends to connect and redefine a dimension of new and advanced technology where the connectivity can handle a huge data load with more efficiency than ever before. So, what is 5g nr standard in short? In short, it can be said that 5G nr standard is a specific standard that is made only for 5G connectivity modules. Every 5G module needs to meet this standard to provide the users with a satisfying and efficient experience of using 5G technology. 

What is 5g nr needed for? 

The 5g nr standard is known for its efficiency. It means that when a 5G module matches these standards, we can say that it is an efficient module that has all the features that we expect from 5G technology. This standard is needed for the clean circulation of 5G technology across the globe. 5g or fifth-generation wireless Wi-Fi technology is the latest and most advanced technology that is faster than any other connectivity technology in the market. It has more than two times more speed than the previous 4G technology, which is why it is widely used for developing new features, applications, and IoT devices. As this technology is trusted by people across the globe, and scientists along with expert technicians are working on this technology for developing more efficient and complex devices and applications, they need to make sure that the 5G technology module is providing the connectivity speed, stability and security that a 5G module should provide.

If you are still wondering what is 5G nr needed for, here is the answer - to ensure that the 5G module is efficient enough and up to the mark, this standard works as a benchmark. This standard ensures the network's


Data security




The 5gnr standard is very much needed as in today's modern society, alongside the technical advancement, society is also facing several types of technical crimes where module production companies and service providers often throttle the bandwidth and provide customers with high-ping service. 

Get high-quality 5G modules that ideally meet all the standards of 5g nr at Fibcom 

We, the Fibcom team, offer the next-generation 5G modules that ideally meet all the standards of 5G nr to provide our customers with a secure, stable, high-quality and efficient network connectivity for an improved and satisfying experience. These modules not only have enhanced 5G features to 3GPP R16 standard, but they are also capable of supporting connectivity up to 10 gigabytes per second. These modules come with an extraordinary speed that can contribute to the technological advancement of the 21st century. These modules can be used in developing more advanced and critical applications and devices that can make human living even easier by providing precise and quality outcomes. These modules are based on the Qualcomm SDX65/SDX62 processor. We make sure to develop a clean and efficient 5G network connectivity what is 5g nr meant for. 

We, with our highly professional and knowledgeable team, are right here at your service to provide you with the best 5g nr standard modules. Contact us today for further discussions.

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Fibocom Announces Multiple Next-Gen 5G NR Modules to 3GPP R16 Standard at MWC Shanghai 2021

Shenzhen China – March 8th 2021- Fibocom (Stock Code: 300638), a leading provider of cellular embedded wireless module solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced the world-wide launch of the next generation 5G NR modules compliant with the 3GPP R16 standard during Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2021 (MWCS21). The new launch includes FM160 and FG160 5G module series of Sub-6GHz frequency range,as well as FM160W and FG160W series of mmWave range.

The new 5G NR module series is based on thenewly-announced Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X65 and X62 5G Modem-RF Systems and delivers enhanced mobile broadband and high-reliability, low-latency wireless services for IoT (Industrial IoT), FWA ( Fixed Wireless Access), 4K/8K live streaming, telemedicine, private 5G networks, and other mass data scenarios by supporting lightening data transmission speeds up to 10Gbps, three modes of CA Carrier Aggregationcombinations including FDD+TDD, TDD+TDD, FDD+FDD, global frequency bands of 5G SA/ENDC/4G, dynamic antenna tuning, and next-generation software algorithm.

“QualcommTechnologies has closely worked with Fibocom over years to support innovation and deep collaboration in a multitude of IoT segments requiring high-performance, high-reliability across industries”, said Gang Sun, vice president, product marketing, Qualcomm International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.“Based on the advantages of our fourth-generation 5G modem-to-antenna solutionin data speeds, coverage, upgradeable architecture and power efficiency, we look forward to further seeing how Fibocom’s strong experience in IoT combined with Qualcomm Technologies’ advanced technologies brings 5G benefits to more consumers and industries.”

Tiger Ying, CEO of Fibocom, said, “The fourth industrial revolution has made digital production the currency of modern business models. 5G will bring possibilities to IoT and industrial digitalization beyond our imagination. Government utilities and enterprises are facing insufficient automation and reliable remote management to enhance operating efficiency and safety. Our new 5G series based on Qualcomm Technologies’ latest Snapdragon X65 and X62 5G Modem-RF Systems, is designed to answer thepain points, setting a new benchmark for high-speed, low latency, and reliable wireless communications services, and helping us become the trusted choice for 5G IoT solutions.”


Qualcomm andSnapdragon are trademarks or registered trademarks of Qualcomm Incorporated.

Qualcomm Snapdragonis a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries

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