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Air Interface:5G, 4G, 3G
Region: Global*,

Fibocom SC151 is a 5G SoC smart module based on Qualcomm chipset QCM4490. It features with an Octa-core processor (2*A78@2.4GHz + 6*A55@2.0GHz) with a high-performance graphics engine Adreno 613.

It supports both 5G NSA and SA modes and is backward compatible with 4G/3G network. It supports 5G NR Sub-6GHz, DL 4x4 MIMO, UL 2x2 MIMO, as well as Wi-Fi 6/6E and Bluetooth short-distance wireless transmission. Furthermore, the module supports multi-constellation GNSS receiver (GPS(L1+L5)/ GLONASS/ BeiDou) for high-performance positioning and navigation, while greatly simplifying product design.

SC151 comes with the Android 13 operating system and a variety of interfaces such as MIPI, USB, UART, SPI, and I2C. These interfaces provide flexibility and easy integration to meet the diverse application demands of the IoT industry.

Fibocom SC151 smart module can be used in various 5G IoT applications, such as industry handhelds, body worn camera, PoC, IVI, smart ECR and smart home. It serves as an optimal solution for the core system of wireless products worldwide.

5G Smart Module SC151

Fibocom 5G smart module SC151-GL is empowered by Qualcomm QCM4490 chipset. Supporting global main frequency bands and adopting edge computing intelligence for AIoT industries.

Introduction: Harnessing the Potential of Qualcomm QCM4490 with Fibocom SC151

Fibocom, a global leader in wireless communication modules and solutions, is proud to introduce the SC151-GL, a cutting-edge 5G smart module designed to empower AIoT industries worldwide. Powered by the advanced Qualcomm QCM4490 chipset, the SC151 module delivers unparalleled performance, enabling edge computing intelligence and supporting global main frequency bands. With its adherence to the latest 5G standards and the integration of the Qualcomm QCM4490 chipset, Fibocom's SC151 module sets a new benchmark for 5G AIoT innovation, empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of next-generation wireless connectivity and intelligent computing.

Qualcomm QCM4490: The Driving Force Behind SC151's Superior 5G Performance

At the heart of Fibocom's SC151 module lies the Qualcomm QCM4490 chipset, a testament to Qualcomm's leadership in 5G technology and AIoT solutions. The QCM4490 chipset is a powerhouse of innovation, engineered to deliver exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and intelligent computing capabilities. By leveraging the advanced features of the Qualcomm QCM4490, the SC151 module offers a superior 5G experience, with support for both 5G NSA and SA modes, as well as backward compatibility with 4G/3G networks. The module boasts an octa-core processor (2*A78@2.4GHz + 6*A55@2.0GHz) and a high-performance graphics engine, Adreno 613, enabling seamless multitasking and immersive visual experiences. With the power of the Qualcomm QCM4490 chipset, the SC151 module delivers uncompromising performance and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to harness the full potential of 5G AIoT technology.

Compact Design and Versatile Functionality: The Hallmarks of SC151 with Qualcomm QCM4490

Fibocom's SC151 module, powered by the Qualcomm QCM4490 chipset, is designed with versatility and ease of integration in mind. With its compact LGA packaging and dimensions of 42.5*56.5*2.85mm, the module ensures seamless integration into a wide range of AIoT devices. The SC151 module supports 5G NR Sub-6GHz, DL 4x4 MIMO, UL 2x2 MIMO, as well as Wi-Fi 6/6E and Bluetooth short-distance wireless transmission, enabling high-speed connectivity and efficient data transfer. Furthermore, the module incorporates a multi-constellation GNSS receiver (GPS(L1+L5)/ GLONASS/ BeiDou) for high-performance positioning and navigation, greatly simplifying product design and enhancing location-based services. With the Android 13 operating system and a variety of interfaces such as MIPI, USB, UART, SPI, and I2C, the SC151 module powered by the Qualcomm QCM4490 offers unparalleled flexibility and easy integration to meet the diverse application demands of the AIoT industry.

Empowering AIoT Applications with SC151 and Qualcomm QCM4490

The Fibocom SC151 module, powered by the Qualcomm QCM4490 chipset, is a game-changer for AIoT applications, enabling businesses to unlock new levels of intelligence, efficiency, and innovation. With its support for edge computing and advanced 5G capabilities, the SC151 module is particularly well-suited for applications that demand real-time processing, low latency, and high-speed connectivity. In the realm of industry handhelds and body-worn cameras, the module enables seamless streaming, real-time analytics, and remote collaboration, empowering frontline workers with intelligent tools and insights. For PoC (Push-to-Talk over Cellular) solutions, the SC151 module powered by the Qualcomm QCM4490 ensures reliable, high-quality voice communication and enhanced situational awareness. In the automotive industry, the module's advanced capabilities enable intelligent vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, delivering immersive multimedia experiences and connected car services. Smart ECR (Electronic Cash Register) and smart home applications also benefit from the SC151's 5G connectivity and edge computing power, enabling seamless payment processing, home automation, and AI-driven personalization. With the SC151 and Qualcomm QCM4490, the possibilities for AIoT innovation are limitless.

Fibocom's Commitment to Quality and Reliability with Qualcomm QCM4490 Integration

Fibocom is renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and reliability, and the SC151 module with the Qualcomm QCM4490 chipset is no exception. By integrating the QCM4490, Fibocom ensures that the SC151 module delivers optimal performance, energy efficiency, and durability in diverse operating conditions. The module undergoes rigorous testing and certification processes, including CE, Reach, HF, ROHS, FCC, IC, TELEC, and JATE certifications (planned/under development), ensuring compliance with global regulatory standards. Fibocom's dedication to quality extends beyond hardware, with comprehensive software support, regular updates, and expert technical assistance provided to customers throughout the product lifecycle. With Fibocom and the Qualcomm QCM4490 chipset, businesses can confidently deploy 5G AIoT solutions, knowing that they have access to a reliable, high-performance module that drives their success in the digital era.

Conclusion: Shaping the Future of 5G AIoT with Fibocom SC151 and Qualcomm QCM4490

As the world embraces the transformative potential of 5G AIoT technology, Fibocom's SC151 module, powered by the Qualcomm QCM4490 chipset, stands at the forefront of innovation. By harnessing the capabilities of the QCM4490 and delivering unparalleled performance, the SC151 module empowers businesses to experience the full benefits of 5G connectivity and edge computing intelligence. With its compact design, versatile functionality, and support for a wide range of AIoT applications, the SC151 module is poised to shape the future of wireless communication and intelligent computing worldwide. As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of 5G AIoT in driving digital transformation and competitive advantage, Fibocom's SC151 module with the Qualcomm QCM4490 chipset emerges as the optimal solution, offering speed, reliability, and flexibility. By partnering with Fibocom and leveraging the power of the SC151 and QCM4490, businesses can confidently navigate the evolving 5G AIoT landscape and unlock new opportunities for growth in the digital age.

**Q&A for "Qualcomm QCM4490":**

Q1: What is the Qualcomm QCM4490 designed for?

A1: The Qualcomm QCM4490 is designed to provide high-speed connectivity and advanced features for 5G IoT smart modules, enhancing the capabilities of IoT devices.

Q2: How does the Qualcomm QCM4490 contribute to the performance of IoT devices?

A2: The Qualcomm QCM4490 contributes to IoT device performance by offering high data throughput, low latency, and support for advanced IoT applications.

Q3: What are the key features of the Qualcomm QCM4490 chipset?

A3: The Qualcomm QCM4490 chipset features integrated 5G connectivity, AI processing capabilities, and advanced power-saving technologies.

Q4: Is the Qualcomm QCM4490 compatible with global 5G networks?

A4: Yes, the Qualcomm QCM4490 is designed to be compatible with various global 5G networks, ensuring worldwide connectivity for IoT devices.

Q5: How does the Qualcomm QCM4490 support the development of Industry 4.0 applications?

A5: The Qualcomm QCM4490 supports Industry 4.0 applications by enabling high-speed, low-latency communication and providing the processing power needed for industrial automation and smart manufacturing.

Q6: What role does the Qualcomm QCM4490 play in smart energy solutions?

A6: The Qualcomm QCM4490 plays a crucial role in smart energy solutions by offering the connectivity and processing capabilities required for real-time data analysis and remote management of energy systems.

Q7: How does the Qualcomm QCM4490 enhance security and surveillance systems?

A7: The Qualcomm QCM4490 enhances security and surveillance systems by providing fast data transmission speeds and the ability to process AI-driven analytics for improved threat detection.

Q8: What advantages does the Qualcomm QCM4490 offer for smart retail applications?

A8: The Qualcomm QCM4490 offers advantages for smart retail applications, including real-time inventory tracking, enhanced customer experience through personalized offers, and seamless payment solutions.

Q9: How does the Qualcomm QCM4490 support vehicle and transportation IoT solutions?

A9: The Qualcomm QCM4490 supports vehicle and transportation IoT solutions by enabling fast and reliable connectivity, facilitating features like remote vehicle diagnostics, infotainment systems, and autonomous driving capabilities.

Q10: What are the benefits of the Qualcomm QCM4490 for home and healthcare IoT devices?

A10: The Qualcomm QCM4490 benefits home and healthcare IoT devices by providing secure and fast connectivity, enabling remote patient monitoring, smart home automation, and emergency response systems.

Q11: How does the Qualcomm QCM4490 assist in the deployment of smart city initiatives?

A11: The Qualcomm QCM4490 assists in smart city initiatives by offering the connectivity backbone for applications like traffic management, environmental monitoring, and public safety systems.

Q12: What is unique about the Qualcomm QCM4490's AI capabilities?

A12: The Qualcomm QCM4490's AI capabilities are unique in that they allow for edge computing, enabling IoT devices to process data locally and make decisions without relying on the cloud.

Q13: How does the Qualcomm QCM4490 ensure low power consumption for IoT devices?

A13: The Qualcomm QCM4490 ensures low power consumption through its advanced power management features and optimized chipset design, which is crucial for battery-powered IoT devices.

Q14: Can the Qualcomm QCM4490 support fixed wireless access applications?

A14: Yes, the Qualcomm QCM4490 can support fixed wireless access applications by providing the necessary high-speed connectivity and spectrum efficiency.

Q15: What kind of security features does the Qualcomm QCM4490 incorporate?

A15: The Qualcomm QCM4490 incorporates robust security features, including hardware-based encryption and secure boot processes, to protect IoT devices from cyber threats.

Q16: How does the Qualcomm QCM4490 facilitate the development of cloud office solutions?

A16: The Qualcomm QCM4490 facilitates cloud office solutions by enabling secure and high-speed wireless connectivity, which is essential for remote work and cloud-based data access.

Q17: What role does the Qualcomm QCM4490 play in smart agriculture?

A17: The Qualcomm QCM4490 plays a role in smart agriculture by providing the connectivity and processing power needed for precision farming technologies, such as remote sensors and automated irrigation systems.

Q18: How does the Qualcomm QCM4490 support the integration of IoT devices with other wireless protocols?

A18: The Qualcomm QCM4490 supports the integration of IoT devices with other wireless protocols through its compatibility with various wireless standards and its ability to interface with different types of networks.

Q19: Can the Qualcomm QCM4490 be used in harsh environmental conditions?

A19: The Qualcomm QCM4490 is designed to operate in a wide range of environmental conditions, making it suitable for use in harsh environments where IoT devices may be exposed to extreme temperatures or other challenging conditions.

Q20: What makes the Qualcomm QCM4490 a preferred choice for 5G IoT module manufacturers?

A20: The Qualcomm QCM4490 is a preferred choice for 5G IoT module manufacturers due to its comprehensive feature set, which includes high-speed connectivity, advanced AI capabilities, and a focus on energy efficiency, all of which are critical for the next generation of IoT devices.

Product Specifications

Basic Features

Qualcomm's QCM4490 2*A78@2.0GHz + 6*A55@2.0GHz
Adreno™ 613 GPU
Dimension (mm)





WCDMA B1/2/4/5/6/8/9/19

802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax (2X2 MIMO)2.4G/5G

Android T
Power Supply
DC 3.5 ~ 4.4V
Weight 9.6±0.1g
Operating Temp
-30°C ~ +75°C
Storage Temp
-40°C ~ +85°C

Data Transmission

5G Sub-6 SA: 2T4R 256Q Max. 2.3Gbps(DL)/Max. 900Mbps(UL)
Sub-6 NSA: 1T4R 256Q Max. 2.3Gbps(DL)/Max. 550Mbps(UL)
LTE FDD (Mbps)
Max 900(DL)/ 100(UL)
LTE TDD (Mbps)
WCDMA (Mbps)
Max. 42(DL)/Max. 5.7(UL)
WIFI (Mbps)
up to 2.4G

Video Processing

Video Encoding
Video Decoding



8+2(LPI)can configure multiple UART/SPI/I2C

1x USB3.1 backward USB2.0, support OTG
1 x SD 3.0
MIPI_CSIx3,ISPx2 Up to 25M
33 GPIOs
4-lane MIPI_DSI up to FHD+(2520 x 1080)
1 x Mono, AB
2 x analog microphones
2 x SIM card, support dual-SIM dual-standby
Power on/off /Volume up /Volume down /Reset




* =planning /under development

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