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Air Interface:5G
Region: North America,
Fibocom's 5G module FM160-PN is a series of 5G communications modules for North American Private Mobile Networks that support proprietary 5G bands and Multi-MIMO technology.
FM160-PN is equipped with Qualcomm SDX62 chip, adopting 4nm manufacturing process that makes the module have better power performance. It adopts M.2 form factor, and measures 30*52*2.3mm.
FM160-PN supports 3GPP Release 16 and NR CA. It has the standard M.2 interface, which enables customers to upgrade products quickly and respond to commercial needs of fast landing. It is suitable for Connected mining equipment, Enterprise networks, Smart utility networks, Drones, Smart city services, Stadium systems and services.

Private 5G Module Solutions

Fibocom's 5G private network module FM160-PN supports CBRS band in the North American market, an ideal wireless solution for private network equipments and enterprise networks.

Introduction: Revolutionizing Connectivity with Fibocom's Private 5G Module FM160-PN and CBRS Module

Fibocom, a global leader in wireless communication modules and solutions, is revolutionizing the landscape of private networks with its state-of-the-art FM160-PN module. This groundbreaking private 5G module, designed specifically for the North American market, harnesses the power of CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) technology to deliver unparalleled performance, reliability, and flexibility. With the FM160-PN, Fibocom empowers businesses to deploy their own secure and efficient private 5G networks, unlocking a world of possibilities for industries such as mining, enterprise networking, smart utilities, drones, smart cities, and stadium systems. By combining the capabilities of a CBRS module with the advanced features of a private 5G module, Fibocom's FM160-PN sets a new standard in wireless connectivity.

Fibocom FM160-PN: The Ultimate CBRS Module and Private 5G Module Solution

Fibocom's FM160-PN is a game-changer in the realm of private 5G modules, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to harness the power of CBRS technology. This cutting-edge module supports proprietary 5G bands and Multi-MIMO technology, enabling enhanced network capacity, coverage, and throughput. At the heart of the FM160-PN lies the Qualcomm SDX62 chip, manufactured using a 4nm process that ensures optimal power performance. With its compact M.2 form factor and dimensions of 30x52x2.3mm, the FM160-PN seamlessly integrates into a wide range of devices, making it an ideal choice for both CBRS module and private 5G module deployments. By leveraging the capabilities of the FM160-PN, businesses can establish robust and secure private networks that cater to their specific requirements, while benefiting from the reliability and performance of 5G technology.

Unleashing the Potential of CBRS Module and Private 5G Module with FM160-PN

Fibocom's FM160-PN module is a powerhouse of features and capabilities, designed to unleash the full potential of CBRS and private 5G networks. With support for 3GPP Release 16 and NR CA (Carrier Aggregation), the FM160-PN enables businesses to leverage the latest advancements in 5G technology, delivering enhanced data rates, reduced latency, and improved spectral efficiency. The module's standard M.2 interface allows for quick and seamless integration into existing products, empowering customers to rapidly upgrade their offerings and respond to the evolving demands of the market. By utilizing the FM160-PN, businesses across various industries can unlock a wide range of applications, from connected mining equipment and enterprise networks to smart utility networks, drones, smart city services, and stadium systems. With Fibocom's CBRS module and private 5G module solution, customers can build scalable, secure, and high-performance private networks that drive innovation, efficiency, and growth.

Empowering Customers with Fibocom's Private 5G Module FM160-PN

Fibocom's FM160-PN module is not just a technological marvel; it is a powerful tool that empowers customers to achieve their business objectives and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape. By leveraging the capabilities of this private 5G module and CBRS module, businesses can deploy their own private networks, enjoying the benefits of enhanced security, reliability, and customization. The FM160-PN enables customers to have full control over their network infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, low latency, and seamless connectivity for their specific applications. Whether it's enabling real-time monitoring and control in mining operations, facilitating high-speed data transfer in enterprise networks, or powering autonomous drones for aerial inspections, Fibocom's FM160-PN module provides the foundation for a wide range of transformative use cases. With the FM160-PN, customers can unlock new opportunities, streamline operations, and drive innovation, all while benefiting from the unmatched performance and reliability of a cutting-edge private 5G module and CBRS module solution.

Fibocom's Competitive Edge: Reliability, Flexibility, and Customization

Fibocom sets itself apart in the private 5G module and CBRS module market by offering a compelling combination of reliability, flexibility, and customization. The FM160-PN module is built to the highest quality standards, ensuring robust performance and longevity in demanding industrial and commercial environments. With its flexible architecture and standard M.2 interface, the FM160-PN can be easily integrated into a wide range of devices and systems, allowing customers to quickly adopt and deploy private 5G networks. Fibocom's extensive expertise in wireless communication technologies and private networks allows for customization and optimization of the FM160-PN module to meet specific customer requirements. Whether it's tailoring the module's firmware, integrating additional features, or providing comprehensive technical support, Fibocom goes above and beyond to ensure customer success in their private 5G deployments. With Fibocom as a trusted partner, businesses can confidently embark on their private network journey, knowing they have access to a reliable, flexible, and customizable private 5G module and CBRS module solution.

Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Private Networks with Fibocom's Private 5G Module FM160-PN and CBRS Module

In the rapidly evolving landscape of wireless connectivity, Fibocom's FM160-PN module stands at the forefront of innovation, redefining the possibilities of private networks. By combining the power of CBRS technology with the advanced capabilities of a private 5G module, Fibocom empowers businesses to deploy secure, reliable, and high-performance private networks that cater to their unique requirements. With its unwavering commitment to quality, flexibility, and customization, Fibocom is well-positioned to lead the way in shaping the future of private 5G connectivity. As businesses increasingly recognize the transformative potential of private networks, Fibocom's FM160-PN module will play a crucial role in enabling industries to unlock new opportunities, drive operational efficiency, and stay ahead in an increasingly connected world. With Fibocom as a trusted partner, businesses can confidently embrace the private 5G revolution and chart a path towards success in the era of intelligent connectivity.


Product Specifications

Basic Features

Package M.2
Dimension (mm) 30x52x2.3
Sub-6 n48/78
mmWave NA
Operation mode SA
Antenna 4
Operating Voltage 3.135V~4.4V, Typical 3.8V
Operating Temp. -30°C - +75°C

Key Functions

NR MIMO DL 4*4 MIMO: n48/78
UL 2*2 MIMO: n48/78
NR SA(Mbps) 2.06Gbps(DL) / 900Mbps(UL)
LTE(Mbps) NA


Voice NA
OS Drivers Windows/Linux/Android


USB USB3.1/3.0 & USB2.0
PCle PCle4.0


Regulation NA
Operator NA
Industry NA

* =planning /under development

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