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Air Interface:LTE Cat1
Region: China,

Main Features:

  • Support cascading Arduino interface, which can be directly connected to ST's Nucleo-64 development board from board to board
  • Two-line 3.3V serial ports are reserved on the ADP board, which can be connected to various MCU development boards using DuPont cables
  • The ADP board has reserved a USB2.0 port for both power supply and communication, which can interface with Linux/Windows/Android systems
  • Provide three power supply methods: Arduino interface power supply, USB port power supply, and external DC power supply
  • Built-in rich protocol stack: TCP/UDP/HTTP/FTP/MQTT, etc

Product Specifications

Associated Product

L610 Series

Basic characteristics

Power supply USB
Signal indication LED


Type-C USB *1
Two-line UART *1
Arduino *1
Debug UART *1

The development kit includes

ADP-L610-Arduino Development Board
Type-C USB Cable

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