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Powered by Fibocom 5G modules, SGITG takes lead in launching 5G communication terminals

The State Grid Information & Telecommunication Group (SGITG) has taken the lead to launch a range of 5G communication terminals for the power industry. The new products are all equipped with Fibocom’s high-performance, industrial-grade 5G modules FG150/ FM150.

SGITG launches standard 5G communication terminal

-Powered by Fibocom 5G modules FG150/ FM150

The 5G communication terminals are independently designed and developed by SGITG, to address internet information communication needs in the energy sector, as well as the needs of the 5G-led "new infrastructure" age.

The standard 5G communication terminal features a domestically-produced dual-core processor with main frequency of 1GHz, and 256MB of memory. Its dual-band Wi-Fi transmission speed reaches up to 900Mbps. Equipped with Fibocom’s high-performance, industrial-grade 5G communication modules FG150/ FM150, the device supports 2G/ 3G/ 4G/ 5G communication, and both NSA and SA architectures. With a rich set of local interfaces including Ethernet, Bluetooth, and USB3.0, it can be flexibly applied to converter stations, substations, switch board rooms, charging stations, integrated pipe corridors, virtual plants, and other power operation scenarios. The measured service rate of the current network is over 500Mbps.

The enhanced 5G communication terminal, besides functions of the standard version, can also output microsecond timing signals to serve core business applications in the power industry. Integrated with MQTT, COAP, IEC-61850, DL/ T698, 101/ 104 and safety certification protocols based on digital certificates, this light weight and holistic solution can properly meet the application requirements of core scenarios in power operations.

The built-in 5G communication terminal is a future-oriented modular energy controller, as well as an intelligent fusion terminal/ power supply zone fusion terminal for remote communication. Its exclusive low energy consumption design has reduced the device’s total consumption to as low as 2W.

This range of devices, combined with the 5G Integrated Smart Cabinet independently developed by SGITG, can expand the coverageof 5G 100M networks, so that users can enjoy express online experiences brought about by 5G anywhere. So far SGITG has introduced a number of 5G power application solutions, including the 5G+ Smart Transformation, 5G+ Smart Distribution,and 5G+ Smart Patrol.