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Find your Best WiFi/BT Module for IoT SQ808-W | Fibocom

SQ808-W is your best WiFi/BT module for IoT. The module is based on Qualcomm QCM2150 platform with smart and open Android operating to allow high applicability.

Get the most suitable and best WiFi module for IoT at Fibcom

It is really important to choose the best WiFi module for IoT devices as every module comes with some pros and cons. Fibcom offers the best WiFi modules that can be perfect for IoT devices and can handle complex and multifunctional applications efficiently.

The IoT WiFi module has amazing advantages, and because of that, it is becoming popular over the days, especially among tech enthusiasts. It not only significantly simplifies the connective design process but is also tested and certified by reliable regulatory organizations such as FCC or EMC. The WiFi module is undoubtedly the best solution in the market that provides its users with a fast-speed solution.

What do you need to consider when choosing the best IoT WiFi module?

There are different points that one should consider while purchasing the best WiFi module for IoT or a WiFi BT module. Let's know the points that one should consider while purchasing a bt WiFi module.

Make sure to check the parameters of that WiFi module for IoT to understand whether the parameters will be able to satisfy the required application specifications or not. While purchasing a WiFi BT module, make sure to check the parameters mentioned below.

IoT architecture

While purchasing a module for IoT, you have to make the decision whether you want the solution to be a "single" or "host processor + WiFi" module. A single solution is the best for devices where physical layout size gets counted as the main priority. This module comes with simplified PCB routing and layout consideration and also it helps to minimize the bill of materials. On the other hand, the post-processor + WiFi module architecture is ideal for well-defined and completely matured WiFi technology where no frequent changes are needed.

WiFi Protocol Support

It is the other considerable point when choosing a WiFi BT module. There are some protocols that provide a higher data rate for IIT multimedia applications and on the other hand, there are also some protocols that offer beneficial power requirements. That's why one should choose the best IoT WiFi module depending on the project requirements.

Operating Frequency

When purchasing a WiFi BT module, operating frequency is another point that should be considered depending on the requirements of the application.

Secure WiFi Support

Security is one of the most important factors that one should consider while opting for a WiFi BT module, as data security over the internet is a necessity for every purpose. Make sure that your bt WiFi module meets all the security standards. Select a module that best suits your security requirements.

Hardware Interfaces

IoT WiFi modules usually have peripheral interface support that can meet different requirements. Choose the best that meets yours.

Different states have different regulatory certifications for WiFi BT modules and IoT devices. Make sure that the module you choose meets all those certifications.

Get the best WiFi module for IoT at Fibcom

If you are looking for a reliable, secured, and certified WiFi BT module for IoT, our highly experienced and professional team is right here at your service. Our SQ808-W is your best BT/WiFi module for IoT that is based on the Qualcomm QCM2150 platform and offers high applicability.

With built-in LNA, this module supports GNSS wireless positioning technology. Integrated with high-quality core components such as EMCP, baseband, PMU, PA, and transceiver, this WiFi BT module supports both long-distance communication and short-distance data transmission. It is an advanced module that is made while keeping and mind all the advanced requirements of an IoT WiFi module. We offer our customers the best IoT WiFi module and bt modules at a reasonable price.



Air Interface:Wi-Fi
Region: Global,

Fibocom SQ808-W would be your best matching IoT WiFi module for complex and multifunctional Internet of Things applications. Based on Qualcomm QCM2150 platform with a smart and open Android operating, the IoT WiFi module provides the best applicability for IoT applications. LCC+LGA packaged for easy patching, it integrates core components such as baseband, EMCP, PMU, transceiver and PA, and supports long-distance communication modes such as FDD-LTE/ TDD-LTE, WCDMA and GSM and short-distance 2.4G+5G wireless transmission technologies like WIFI/ Bluetooth. With built-in LNA, it supports GNSS wireless positioning technology. With rich interfaces, the SQ808-W module delivers and flexibility in best, is an ideal WiFi module for IoT scenarios.

Product Specifications

Product Features

41.0mm x 41.0mm x 2.8mm
148LCC + 84 LGA pin
CPU Qualcomm’s®QCM2150  Quad-core  ARM® Cortex-A53 processor; up to 1.3GHz;64-bit CPU
Memory 1GB/2GBLPDD R3+8GB/16GB eMMC
Operating temperature -25~+75℃
Operating voltage 3.5~4.2V
Weight About 9.3g
WIFI 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4G+5G
BT 4.2 BL
Cert. CE*


GPU Adreno™ 308GPU
Display 1440 × 720
Video Dec 1080p30 fps (H.264, HEVC, VP8)
Video Enc 1080p30 fps (H.264)
Camera up to 13Mpix
Analog Audio


UART/SPI 3x UART Up to 4Mbps,1x SPI
1xUSB2.0 up to 480Mbps, Support OTG
SDIO 1xSD3.0
CAM 2x4-lane/4+2+1lane MIPI_CSI, Up to 2.1G/lane

4-lane MIPI_CSI0 connect 1 main camera up to 13Mpix

up to 13Mpix
1x MIPI DSI- 4lanes HD+(1440*720)
USIM 2xUSIM,3.0V/1.8V

Operating System



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