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The L610-EU refers to a 4G LTE Cat 1 module designed for wireless Internet of Things applications. It allows for high-speed experiences at a minimal cost in a wide range of industries.

Companies planning a global IoT rollout, or simply looking to upgrade from 2G and 3G, have various Internet of Things Wireless Modules and LTE specifications to choose from and will require to select the one that better fits their needs. The bandwidth differences, data rates, power usage, and other factors help decide the use cases wherein these standards are better suited. LTE Cat 1 Module lies between more data-centric alternatives like LTE Cat-4 and the less demanding NB-IoT.

LTE Categories

LTE in terms of Internet of Things Wireless Modules comprises several different types of modems that can be used in telematic systems. The following are the different categories:

CAT NB1 (also known as NB-IoT)

CAT M1 (known as CAT M)



Even though cellular technologies range from CAT 0 to CAT 19, the above four categories are the most widely used technologies for telematics and connected vehicle applications. Usually, the energy usage, throughput, and cost of the devices increase as you move down the list as cited above. It can be difficult to know what level of capability is appropriate for your cellular data transfer purposes when comparing various telematic devices' requirements and capabilities.

M1 and NB-IoT

To begin with, even though these latest, low-energy cellular technologies are merged, they are not identical. Since most hardware that supports one also recognizes the other, you can get both functionalities in a single kit. This is brand new and exciting, and it will continue to expand in terms of what it can do in the geographical regions where it will be used. NB-IoT and M1 are often addressed in the sense of vending machines, emission detectors, electric meters, and wearables, but they also have a place in mobile vehicles and equipment. Here are some of the benefits of both NB-IoT and M1:

Extremely low power consumption

Outperform CAT 1 and CAT 4 modems in terms of range

The most affordable wireless components and data plans

Because M1 uses existing cellular infrastructure, a lot of new support is expected to be available.

In a standard half-duplex system, the data rate is lower (375 kbps)

In a full-duplex, the data rate can reach 1 Mbps

In wake-up applications, the latency is higher.

M1 is a great technology for mobile apps if you only have a few sensor parameters or a set of CAN data buses to submit. One thing to keep in mind is that NB-IoT isn't designed for on-the-go applications since it requires the modem to remain close to a single tower. The M1 modem is designed for those Internet of Things Wireless Modules applications where the modem must move from one tower to another.


Telematic communication technologies mainly revolve around LTE Cat 1 Module. 4G LTE Cat 1 will support feature-filled telematic products with enough throughput to stream significant quantities of data while vehicles are in motion. With mature modem hardware and firmware support and a full-featured build-out of carrier modules, the technology is widely available in a wide range of territories. This technology 4G LTE Cat 1 is a little more costly than NB-IoT and M1. Suppose you require deploying a mobile equipment solution across dozens of countries, wanting to offload a large amount of computer data quickly, or needing to support streaming video or other information. In that case, LTE Cat 1 Module and 4G LTE Cat 1 are ideal for your application.

Our organization Fibocom is always prepared to adapt the latest and most efficient IoT modules like LTE Cat 1 Module /4G LTE Cat 1 and solutions to your specific needs.

Air Interface:4G, 2G
Region: Europe,

L610-EU is a 4G LTE Cat 1 bis wireless module for the Internet of Things applications, supporting LTE, GSM dual-mode communication, VoLTE, audio, camera, LCD, keypad and other functions. Some models support WIFI scan or Bluetooth. L610-EU will be your ideal internet of things wireless module if you are looking for a medium and low rate communication solution.
In addition, the 4G LTE Cat 1 module provides universal interfaces such as USB / UART / SPI / I2C / SDIO to meet various application demands of the IoT industry. It covers the frequency bands of major operators in Europe, and L610-CN and L610-LA of the same series cover the frequency bands of major operators in Asia and Latin America respectively. L610 series products are packaged with LCC + LGA, and Pin pin design is compatible with NL668 series/ L716 series. Supporting 4G LTE Cat 1 connections, L610-EU is an ideal Internet of Things wireless module to cover IoT markets such as pan payment, sharing, industrial interconnection, tracking, vehicle after loading and other application scenarios.

Product Specifications

Basic Features

LCC+LGA 900/1800MHz
Operating Temperature -30℃~+75
Storage Temperature -40℃~+90
Operating Voltage
3.3V~4.3V typical 3.8V
TX Power
GSM900MHz: 33dBm±2dB

GSM1800MHz: 30dBm±2dB

FDD:B1/3/7/8/20/28: 23dBm±2dB
AT Command Set
3GPP TS 27.007 and 27.005, and proprietary FIBOCOM AT commands
Rx Sensitivity
GSM:900MHz: -109.5dBm

GSM:1800MHz: -108dBm

FDD:B1/3/20: -98dBm

FDD:B7: -97.5dBm


built in WIFI Scan

built in bluetooth

Data Transmission

LTE FDD Rel.13
10MbpsDL/5Mbps UL
85.6KbpsDL/85.6Kbps UL(multi-slot class 12)


Basic Mode
MO/MT Text and PDU modes



Antenna Card
Main x 1,WIFI x 1*
USIM 3.0V/1.8V
2.0 x1
Standard version x3, Open version x4


ADC x 3
x 2



OS Drivers

Drivers Linux/Android/Windows


* = Planning ** = Developing

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