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Fibocom Extends 5G Module Family with New Generation of FG360, Unlocking 5G FWA New Value

Fibocom announce new generation of 5G modules FG360 with optimized RF and antenna design. The updated module series enables higher data throughput and coverage while improving cost–performance, empowering 5G FWA industry.

Shenzhen China – July 12, 2022 - Fibocom (Stock Code: 300638), a global leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless communication modules, extends its 5G family with new generation of FG360 modules. Supporting EN-DC, 4x4 MIMO and PC2&PC1.5 HPUE, the new modules deliver excellent 5G performance with enhanced Radio Frequency (RF) and antenna design, ideally suitable for the promising Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) market.

Powered by the MediaTek T750 chipset platform, Fibocom’s 5G module series FG360 has already been recognized by customers worldwide. In 2021, FG360 has reached millions of shipments in the field of 5G FWA, becoming the world’s leading 5G module achieving this goal. Compared with the former generation, the new FG360 modules adopt more flexible architectures, which can better satisfy customized needs, tailoring for different regions and telecom bids. The updated modules support 4x4 Load Balance (LB) as well as E-UTRAN New Radio-Dual Connectivity (EN-DC), allowing customers to leverage the benefits of both LTE and 5G connectivity simultaneously.

In addition, the new FG360 modules support Power Class 1.5 (PC1.5) as well as PC2 High Power User Equipment (HPUE), increasing uplink speed and extending uplink coverage. PC1.5 allows a maximum transmit power of up to 29dBm, 3dB higher than that of PC2, which significantly improves cell edge performance. Thus, the latest FG360 modules can provide better user experience with uplink enhancements in terms of speed and coverage, offering seamless 5G connectivity for IoT applications such as FWA.

The updated FG360 modules can also support 4x4 MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) in the low-frequency band. The technology further enhances the spectral efficiency and coverage quality in locations which generally have poorer connection. Supporting 4x4 MIMO, the modules are able to double the maximum data transfer speed, compared with that of 2x2 MIMO, enabling exciting 5G speed experience.

“The new generation of Fibocom FG360 modules greatly improve hardware design and overall performance with competitive advantages, which meet the deployment needs of customers in the complex network environment. Fibocom will continue to develop industry-leading 5G modules, helping to accelerate 5G deployment around the world,” said Simon Tao, general manager of MBB Product Management Dept., Fibocom.

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