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Air Interface:5G Sub-6, 4G
Region: Global,
The FG132 series is a high-performance 5G RedCap Sub-6GHz wireless communication module. This series supports 3GPP R17 RedCap technology, offering a maximum downlink speed of 223Mbps and uplink speed of 123Mbps under the 5G RedCap network, maximum downlink speed of 195Mbps and uplink speed of 105Mbps under the LTE network. It supports 5G SA networks, backward compatibility with 4G, and caters to 5G private networks and slicing requirements.

FG132-GL-00-M2 shares a standard M.2 PIN layout and supports global frequency bands. Positioned for mid-rate IoT markets including industrial routers, Industrial PC, IP cameras, IoT gateways, fixed wireless access terminals, etc.

SDX35 RedCap Module - Sub-6GHz FG132 M.2

FG132 M.2 is a high-performance RedCap module developed from SDX35. It delivers optimized power consumption, and simplied hardware design serving for the expansion of 5G ecosystem.

What is a RedCap Module?

RedCap, or Reduced Capability, is a 5G technology standard that aims to provide a lower-cost and lower-power variant of standard 5G NR (New Radio). RedCap modules are designed to cater to the growing demand for affordable and energy-efficient 5G connectivity in a wide range of IoT applications, from industrial automation to smart city infrastructure.

The SDX35 RedCap Module: Powering the 5G Ecosystem

Fibocom's SDX35 RedCap module is a high-performance wireless communication solution that exemplifies the capabilities of this cutting-edge 5G technology. Developed as an evolution of the SDX35 platform, the FG132 M.2 module delivers optimized power consumption and simplified hardware design, making it an ideal choice for expanding the 5G ecosystem.

Key Features of the SDX35 RedCap Module

5G RedCap Connectivity: The FG132 series supports 3GPP R17 RedCap technology, offering impressive download speeds of up to 223Mbps and upload speeds of up to 123Mbps under the 5G RedCap network. It also maintains backward compatibility with 4G networks, ensuring seamless connectivity.

Flexible Frequency Support: The FG132-GL-00-M2 variant supports a global range of frequency bands, making it adaptable to diverse regional requirements and enabling worldwide deployment.

Versatile Applications: Designed for mid-rate IoT markets, the SDX35 RedCap module is well-suited for a variety of applications, including industrial routers, industrial PCs, IP cameras, IoT gateways, and fixed wireless access terminals.

Simplified Hardware Design: The module's standard M.2 PIN layout and optimized power consumption contribute to a simplified hardware design, streamlining the integration process for device manufacturers.

Addressing the Needs of the 5G IoT Landscape

The introduction of RedCap technology and Fibocom's SDX35 RedCap module is a significant step in addressing the evolving needs of the 5G IoT landscape. By providing a more affordable and energy-efficient 5G solution, these modules enable the widespread adoption of 5G connectivity across a diverse range of IoT applications.

As the demand for smart and connected devices continues to grow, the SDX35 RedCap module's ability to seamlessly integrate into various IoT ecosystems, while delivering robust 5G performance, makes it a compelling choice for device manufacturers and system integrators.

The Future of 5G IoT: Unlocking New Possibilities

Looking ahead, the advancements in RedCap technology and the ongoing development of 5G infrastructure promise to unlock even greater possibilities for the IoT industry. As the 5G ecosystem continues to evolve, how will the SDX35 RedCap module and similar solutions further drive innovation and enable new use cases in the IoT space?

Moreover, as sustainability and energy efficiency become increasingly important, how will the power-optimized design of RedCap modules contribute to more eco-friendly and cost-effective IoT deployments?

Conclusion: Empowering the 5G IoT Revolution

The SDX35 RedCap module from Fibocom represents a significant step forward in enabling widespread 5G adoption within the IoT landscape. By leveraging the benefits of RedCap technology, this high-performance module delivers optimized power consumption, simplified hardware design, and global frequency support, making it a versatile solution for a wide range of IoT applications.

As the 5G ecosystem continues to evolve, the SDX35 RedCap module and similar innovative offerings will play a crucial role in driving the IoT revolution, empowering device manufacturers and system integrators to unlock new levels of connectivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

Product Specifications

Basic Features

Dimension(mm) 30x52x3.1
Sub-6 N1/2/3/5/7/8/12/13/14/18/20/25/26/28/30/38/40/41/48/66/70/71/77/78
mmWave NA
LTE Bands B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/14/17/18/19/20/25/26/28/30/34/38/39/40/41/42/43/48/66/71
LTE-HPUE B38/40/41/42/43
Operation mode SA
Antenna 1T2R
Operating Voltage 3.3V~4.3V(Typical 3.8V)
Operating Temp. -40°C - +85°C

Key Functions

5G SA Sub-6 (256QAM)(Mbps) 223(DL) / 123(UL)
LTE (256QAM)(Mbps) 195(DL) / 105(UL)


Voice Optional
SMS Optional
Audio Optional
OS Drivers Windows/Linux/Android
GNSS Optional


USB x1, USB2.0


Regulation ROHS*/HF*/FCC*/GCF*/PTCRB*
Operator T-Mobile*/Verizon*/AT&T*

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