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Amap introduces Fibocom-enabled smart warning triangle

Recently,Amaphaslaunched a new product in the field of smart transportation – the smart warningtriangle. This in-vehicle application isanimportant result of the strategic cooperation between Amap and Fibocom. Thisintelligent warning sign is designed to provide effective and timely warningsof road accidents to incoming vehicles, so as to avoid the damage caused by"secondary accidents".

Amap’s smart warning triangle resolvesthe following pain points for customers

Protecting life with technology

Pain points

  • Untimely detection by incoming vehicles, leading to risks of secondaryaccidents
  • Possibility of forgetting who to call in case of accidents
  • Failure to provide the exact location of the accident, which maydelay police response and rescue

Superior Features

Independently developed by Amap, the product is aimed to improveroad safety through technological innovation